Karina Roe talks us through her cancer story, from her initial breast cancer diagnosis in March 2017, through to palliative chemotherapy after discovering secondary cancer in November 2018. Karina also talks us through her support, her advice to others, and how she is ticking of the bucket list with her son since diagnosis. 

Karina has had a wide variety of jobs in her lifetime. Her first job after school was as a police woman and she has since gone on to owning a wedding business, and running a pub. She is now a teaching assistant and a personal care assistant for a disabled lady.

In the video Karina reads out her two-part poem which documents the highs and lows of her journey with cancer. 

The Aurora Centre in Worksop has been a support network for Karina. From yoga to reflexology, Karina has made use of a range of programmes, therapies and holistic treatments there. She has also made numerous friends and built a support network at the centre.

Her son Ross has also been a supporting block during her cancer journey. At just 15, Ross decided he wanted to shave his head so they can "go through it together". Since then Karina and Ross have been embarking on adventures and ticking their bucket list.

Karina now receives chemotherapy every three weeks and aims to live her life to the full in every way she can. 

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