Published on: 15 May 2020

GP's from across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw have come together to remind people they are available for anyone concerned for their health despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The video below features GP's from across the region explaining the importance of seeking help for any health concerns. The GPs also address the common symptoms of cancer and detail how primary care in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw continues to safely operate for you during the pandemic.

It has been found that four in ten people are too concerned about being a burden on the NHS to seek help from their GP, and referals for cancer symtoms have significantly reduced. 

If a cancer is identified early there is a higher chance that succeful treatment can be implemented. There is a serious concern that a wave of later-stage cancers may arise due to the public being hesitant to contact their GP during COVID-19.

While some consultations may now be completed on the telephone or online, it is imperative that you continue to get the healthcare you deserve. So please, help us help you, by continuing to follow the national guidance and to contact your GP or medical team if:

  • You are a cancer patient who is worried about a developing problem
  • You are someone who is concerned they have the signs and symptoms of cancer. These include: Bleeding (that doesn't come from an obvious injury), lumps, weightloss, any continued or prolonged pain. You can view all common symptoms of cancer here.
  • You have any other serious concerns about your health
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