Published on: 10 April 2024

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance are encouraging people to get a ‘Peace of Mind’ check

People across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw are being urged to seek advice from their GP if they notice anything unusual which could be an early sign or symptom of cancer.

The Cancer Alliance’s new campaign launched this month and is aimed at giving people ‘Peace of Mind’ by getting themselves checked out without delay.

Early diagnosis significantly improves the chances of successful treatment and survival. However, many people hesitate in seeking medical advice due to fear, uncertainty, or simply not recognising the symptoms. Some early signs and symptoms are common and so some people may also feel they are wasting their GP’s time.

Dr Steph Edgar is a GP and the clinical lead for the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance. She said: We understand the fears and concerns that often accompany the thought of a cancer diagnosis. But we hope that, through the 'Peace of Mind’  campaign, we are able to shift the focus from fearing the worst, to understanding that seeing your GP promptly will provide answers and increase your chance of successful treatment should you be diagnosed with cancer. We believe that everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to their health.”

Using a variety of channels including radio adverts, video and social media, the campaign will mainly focus on the top five cancers that have been shown to be diagnosed at a late stage across the region. Starting with raising awareness of symptoms of ovarian cancer, the campaign will also highlight those of the womb, the bladder, the pancreas and the oesophagus.

Dr Edgar added: “This campaign is all about breaking down barriers and empowering people to take proactive steps towards seeking advice, and to normalise seeing their GP to get peace of mind if they are experiencing something unusual for them.”

Peace of Mind is part of the Cancer Alliance’s broader mission to improve cancer outcomes and reduce health inequalities across the region. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals, community organisations and individuals, the alliance aims to create a culture of proactive health management and early intervention.


For more information about the ‘Peace of Mind’ campaign, please visit Peace of Mind :: South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw & North Derbyshire Cancer Alliance (