We regularly run surveys for patients or members of the public to fill in to help us understand how to design, develop, and improve the work we do across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

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Breast Screening Reward and Refer Token Survey

Are you aged 50-60 and eligible for breast screening?

We want your help with an innovative approach to increase breast screening numbers in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. In partnership with Yorkshire Cancer Research, the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance are looking into a "Reward and Refer" model to increase breast cancer screening, aimed at eligible people aged 50-54.

In a 'Reward and Refer' model, a ‘reward’ is given on attendance at a breast screening appointment to reinforce the positive health behaviour, which includes a ‘referral’ prompt to pass onto a friend, family member, or work colleague to encourage them to book their own screening appointment. This is approach is based on behavioural science theory. To learn more about how the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance is using behavioural science to improve outcomes visit here.

We are running a short survey to find out what sort of item we may give to people who attend their breast cancer screening. To complete the survey please click here. The survey is open to anyone aged 50-60 and eligible for breast screening.