WMTY_Logo_2021.pngWhat Matters To You? is an initiative by the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance to ensure all health professionals in our region are focused on the individual needs of each patient.

To do this we are working with Voluntary Action Rotherham (VAR) to host a digital training platform which our partners will complete in order to show their commitment to being a ‘Certified Care Professional'. 

Our aim is to get all cancer care workers in our region certified as care professionals so that healthcare conversations shift from “what is the matter with you?" to “what matters to you?" 

While we want to ensure every patient gets equal care, it is important to recognise that each individual cancer patient is different and their priorities vary. This needs to be reflected in our care.

As more partners sign up and complete the training, we hope that the
‘What Matters To You?' certification becomes synonymous WMTY_CCP_Logo_2021.pngwith quality personalised care which can be recognised by both professionals and patients throughout South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

We want compassionate, personalised cancer care for all throughout the region and to do this we must ask, “What Matters To You?"

To complete the training, please contact VAR by clicking below. Use the subject heading 'What Matters To You?' From here you will be given an account to begin your training.

A certificate will be awarded following completion of the training which we encourage you to share so you can spread the news of ‘What Matters To You?' with colleagues. You can view and download social media assets below. 

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Inspiration for the initiative came from Healthcare Improvement Scotland's What Matters To You? Campaign and the #hellomynameis compassionate care campaign which has been adopted throughout various NHS organisations. 

If you have any questions about ‘What Matters To You?' please email us at sybndcancer.alliance@nhs.net
if you have any questions about the training platform please contact VAR here.