The Cancer Alliance are working with and through partners across SYB with a focus to “Nudge the Odds” towards better outcomes using interventions influenced by Behavioural Science. The purpose of the programme is to increase attendance at cancer screening appointments and improving early diagnosis outcomes in communities where the impact of covid has led to even fewer urgent cancer referrals, and diagnoses.

The ambition of the NHS England Long Term Plan sets out the ambition for 75% of cancer patients to be diagnosed at Stage I or II by 2028, with our initial ambition in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) to achieve 58% of cancer diagnosed at Stage I or II by 2023/24.

In SYB there are notable inequalities in outcomes across our population, in particular those from poorer socioeconomic groups. These inequalities existed before the pandemic, but the impact it has made on cancer diagnoses in these vulnerable groups is unprecedented and the need to act is more important than ever.

The Nudge the Odds programme  has been published  in the Tackling Inequalities in healthcare access, experience and outcomes guide as an example of good practice, click here

To view a summary of the impact of the programme and plans for 2023 click on the link here

You can learn more about each phase of the programme below, and find the useful resources that you can use in your setting whether that is in a VSCSE, Primary Care or Hospital setting.

If you have any questions about the Nudge The Odds programme, please email:

Phase 1 Increasing Cancer Screening Uptake resources page Click here 

Phase 2 Improving Early Cancer Diagnosis resources page Click here

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