Here you will find the communication tools available which have been used in the programme along with each edition of the Nudge The Odds newsletter and the introduction to behavioural science video developed by Caja.

The Introduction to Behavioural Science Workbook provides further details to enhance your understanding of Behavioural Science, explore systems of thinking in greater detail and review interventions based on behavioural insight. Click here 

Nudge The Odds Newsletter

The Nudge The Odds newsletter is a monthly update on the behavioural science programme, with features on each Place as the work progresses. See a link to each edition below.

Nudge The Odds Newsletters

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The Winter edition of Nudge the Odds Newsletter 2023, celebrates the amazing year where Behavioural science is making a difference to the populations of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. 

May 2023 Nudge the Odds Newsletter Celebrates the success of Cohort 2 graduating from the Behavioural Science Academy and the winning proposal to receive £7,000 worth of funding is "Fit for Purpose", Symptomatic bowel screening project.  

March 2023 Nudge the Odds Newsletter welcomes Cohort 3 to the Behavioural Science Academy and introduces the Behaviour Science Programme to support the increase of annual health checks for those with a Learning Disability. 

December 2022's Nudge the Odds newsletter celebrates the graduation of Cohort 1 of the Behavioural Science Academy and the brilliant outcomes of Nudge interventions over the last few months.

September 2022 newsletter shares the exciting latest news on the Behavioural Science Academy, with Cohort 2 launching on the 8th of September. The newsletter also delves into the Nudge the Odds programme updates and Behavioural Science success!

March 2022 newsletter celebrates the month of Cervical Screening Awareness campaign with the Public Health team at Barnsley launching #BeThatFriend to encourage friends and family to attend screening. The edition also highlighted the nudge interventions and resources available to encourage attendance in cervical screening appointments.

February 2022 newsletter highlights the local media attention to raise awareness of World Cancer Day on the 4th of February and the importance of coming forward with worrying signs and symptoms or attendance at routine cancer screening appointments in a bid to diagnose people as early as possible to not only give the best chance of survival but to also live long healthy lives.  The edition launched the SYBICS Behavioural Science Academy for individuals that want to make a difference to improve health care outcomes for the populations of SYB. 

January 2022 newsletter shared the success of the Cervical cancer Prevention week and how the Behavioural Science Nudge the Odds Cervical Screening interventions helped a practice in Sheffield increase Cervical Cancer screening and a great video they produced with the practice team using the nudge messages 

November 2021 newsletter showcases the great work of Doncaster Hospital Cancer Services teams who have been applying the nudge interventions to encourage individuals that have been referred by their doctor to attend hospital appointments.

October 2021 newsletter details the Nudge the Odds community trial in the Dearne food bank is now up and running. Also, we celebrate the news that the programme has been shortlisted for an HSJ award and we hear from the Age UK Sheffield Enhanced Independent Living Coordinator on how he has applied the nudge interventions and encouraged a client to access health services and has now been diagnosed with an early stage prostate cancer.

September 2021  update, you can see a progress report of the programme. You will learn about phase one developments in Darnall for cervical screening drop-in sessions and learn how Sheffield is progressing as the first place to go live for phase two working with key partnerships including Weston Park Cancer Charity, Manor and Castle Development Trust, and Age UK.


Introduction to Behavioural Science Video

What is Behavioural Science?
Nigel from Caja talks through the definition of behavioural science, why we use it and examples of how and where it is used everyday.

Have you been nudged today? 

Cervical Screening Nudge Communication Assets 

The following assets have been created working with the community and with practices. These resources and assets have been used digitally and physically in the practice and community to help target certain demographics. Many of these assets have been adapted into other files such as videos, gifs, and printed flyers.

Improving Cancer Early Diagnosis 

The following assets have been created working with the community and with practices. These assets have been used digitally and physically in the community. These assets have been created to be location specific ensuring relevance to the local demographic.