Based on our experience of working with local partners in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to apply Behavioural Science to support Cancer Early diagnosis we want to harness the momentum and go further to take Behavioural Science learning and development across SYB to the next level with the creation of an SYB Behavioural Science Academy.

The Academy will be led by Change Leaders from across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to shape and steer its direction, so it is “Run by us for us”.                                                                              Learners will be recruited from across a wide range of partner organisations with individuals who are motivated to be Change Facilitators who can “Transform how we do things in SYB to make difference”.

The Academy cohorts for 2022/23 will commence:

1st cohort will commence  5th May 2022

2nd cohort to commence September 2022

3rd cohort in January 2023

Would you like to lead the way and become a Behavioural Science Change Facilitator by enrolling in the Behavioural Science Academy?

  • Are you curious about what makes the people in our population make the choices that they do?
  • Are you able to look outside your own role and area to find new ways to improve the way we work?
  • Are you a keen problem solver who likes to get things done?
  • Are you passionate about making a difference to the people you serve?
  • Do you want to join likeminded people across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to learn Behavioural Science skills and embed Behavioural Science in your day-to-day activities to influence health care outcomes?
  • Are you able to take the necessary time away from your day job to attend? You will need to appropriate support to cover your work whilst you are studying (Roughly 20 days over a 9–12-month period).

If that’s you email to find out more about the Behavioural Science Academy and start your learning journey today!

CLICK ON THE LINK FOR THE BEHAVIOUR SCIENCE ACADEMY PROSPECTUS to view the structure of the course and the learning journey.