We want to do things differently. Our aim is to ensure that patients and those affected by cancer are at the heart of what we do. To do this, we use a range of approaches and information to engage, listen, and involve everyone.

To fully understand how cancer services can be planned and delivered in the future, we need to understand our local population’s experience and thoughts. 

Involving the public in the design and delivery of cancer services is a key aspect of the communications and engagement strategies of the SYB ICS Cancer Alliance. 

As an Alliance we are continually looking at how to involve of key groups across all the workstreams.

See below for some ways you can get involved with the Alliance. 

Communications and Engagement Steering Group

Our communications and engagement steering group ensures that patients and the public are at the heart of anything we do.

The purpose of the group is to ensure our work is always working towards what patients want. By keeping record of the opinions of those involved in the steering group we can continually facilitate patient engagement at all levels of the Cancer Alliance.

They are chaired by a patient representative (known as a lay representative) and are welcome to anyone affected by cancer to join and share their opinion.

The wider variety of voices we can obtain for our steering group the better targeted our services can be.

Our steering groups are every six weeks and change location throughout the region each time to ensure the best accesibility for everyone.

To learn more, get involved or to find where the next meeting will be, please contact: sybndcancer.alliance@nhs.net or phone 01143051243.


Engagement and Experience

The SYB ICS Cancer Alliance are fully committed to ensuring patient and public engagement  are built into how we operate. 

We work with and through partner organisations. We use existing networks and structures in CCGs, hospitals, local authorities and the Charitable and Voluntary sector to ensure we are continually improving our services for everyone across the region.

We recognise the want by some patients and the public to be connected to our organisation on a more direct, business to customer basis. This means that we have a clear link to the communities we serve and that we are able to reach out on specific issues and do so in a targeted and efficient manner.

We believe in creating a manageable and workable database of interested individual members. Click here to find out about our membership scheme and to have your say.

Our Membership

Our membership scheme is called Let's Talk Cancer.

Let's Talk Cancer is for all those interested in shaping cancer care and services.

We want people to come forward and help shape our services.

The database collected from the memebership will record your specific area of interest. It will also track your level of interest and any skill set/contribution you wish to make to the Cancer Alliance based on your experiences.

Please complete the form below to become a member of ‘Let’s Talk Cancer’.

To learn more about our membership and to join, click here.

Patient Stories

Every person whose life has been affected by cancer has a different story to tell. We believe by listening to these stories and understanding them, we’ll be able to learn from them and improve things in the future. This is called patient engagement and experience, to see the stories from our patients click here.