We want to do things differently. Our aim is to ensure that patients and those affected by cancer are at the heart of what we do. To do this, we will use a range of mechanisms, approaches and information to engage, listen and involve people.

Due to the wide geographical area and high level interest in cancer and specific pathways we require a range of engagement approaches from providing information to stakeholders to gathering feedback and actively involving stakeholders in specific areas of work.

We recognise that to fully understand how cancer services can be planned and delivered in the future, we need to understand our local population’s experience and their thoughts. This can be achieved through co-design. 

Involving people in the design and delivery of cancer services is a key aspect of the communications and engagement strategies of both the SYBND Cancer Alliance and the ICS. We believe it must be meaningful and effective, planned, with appropriate resources. 

As an Alliance we are continually looking at how to involve of key groups across all the workstreams.

Communications and Engagement Steering Group

With a lay chair person,  the steering group is developing its membership including representation from the cancer alliance four programme workstreams, Healthwatch, patients and the public, voluntary and community sector representatives, public health and communication and engagement staff from across the Cancer Alliance. 

The purpose of the steering group is to develop a collaborative framework that facilitates meaningful patient engagement and co design approaches at all levels of the Cancer Alliance work programme.

Please get in contact, if you want to know more and get involved.

Engagement and Experience

The SYBND Cancer Alliance has fully committed to ensuring patient and public engagement, involvement, participation and experience are built into our core business; shaping services, improving and transforming delivery and influencing the commissioning cycle and working practices across all the organisations in the Cancer Alliance.

We firmly believe in the principle of co-design: Where we engage with interested parties, service users and relevant and interested people to shape and develop the services. This will ultimately then go on to develop into a framework that will facilitate the integration of patient involvement in all aspects of the Cancer Alliance work, not just that of the core team.

We work with and through partner organisations: This will form circa 80% of our working practice. We will utilise existing networks and structures in CCGs, Acute hospitals, Local Authorities and across the Charitable and Voluntary sector to ensure we are learning from what has previously been done and plugging into, in some cases, exceptionally well built up relationships.

Linked to the existing work across the Cancer Alliance, we recognise the want by some patients and the public to be connected to our organisation on a more direct, business to customer basis. This means that we have a clear link to the communities we serve and that we are able to reach out on specific issues and do so in a targeted and efficient manner. We believe it is the right thing to create a manageable and workable database of interested individual members. Click here to find out more about our membership scheme have your say and access NHS Discounts.

Our Membership

To learn more about our membership and to join, click here.

Patient Stories

Every person whose life has been affected by cancer has a different story to tell. We believe by listening to these stories and understanding them, we’ll be able to learn from them and improve things in the future. This is called patient engagement and experience, to see the stories from our patients click here.

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