The 'Cancer Patient Experience Share & Learn' event was held in Birmingham on 15 Jan 2020. The event saw Cancer Alliances across the country come together (along with lay reps and partners involved with inequalities and early diagnosis) to discuss and share ideas on patient experience, with a particular focus on inequalities and early diagnosis.

The event was led by Campbell McNeil, Project Manager, The Patient Experience Team, NHS England and Simeon Greene, chair of the Wolverhampton Patient Advisory Cancer Team. 

The event begun with a discussion facilitated by Kaz Obuka, Public and Patient Engagement Manager, NHS England, which concerned represetatives from four Cancer Alliance's and the projects they had been working on. 

This was followed by a rotational discussion covering the topic of 'change': what had inspired it, what was daunting about it and what support can be given to eachother. 

Pam Lee, Public Health Consultant from the Northern Cancer Alliance then gave an engaging presentation on inequalities, looking both locally from her patch but also how we can all work to improve inequalities. 

Simeon Greene then talked about his experience with inequalities, both personally and through his line of work. The presentation addressed core issues of inequalities and led to discussion about how we can strive to 'close the gaps' on inequality in cancer diagnosis. 

Claire Marshall, Experience of Care Lead at NHS England, then led dicussion about future of 'Share & Learn' events.

You can find the slides from the event here.