Published on: 8 February 2021

Some good practice, which the SYBICS Cancer Alliance is keen to share and encourage, has been displayed at CRHFT with their #AndILookLikeThis badges.

#AndILookLikeThis, is a name badge that shows the patient what a clinician looks like behind the mask, helping to familiarise the patient with their clinical team and reduce anxiety.

Consultant Dr David Sandler from CRHFT was behind the idea that draws inspiration from #HelloMyNameIs, and is proving to be successful in Chesterfield.

Dr Sandler, said: “Face masks are quickly becoming a fact of life, especially in hospitals where we are required to wear them at all times to protect ourselves, our patients and colleagues. It hides the bottom part of our face which means that, no matter how hard we try, it impacts on our ability to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally.

“It occurred to me that if they were able to see a picture of what we look like with a nice, bright, reassuring smile, we could bring some of that back. Patients seem to smile, and visibly relax, when I follow my name with ‘....and this is what I look like’. An elderly patient recently said ‘You know, doc, I wish the nurses would do this. You can only see their eyes’". 

Dr Patricia Fisher, Clinical Director of the SYBICS Cancer Alliance, said: "#AndILookLikeThis is a fantastic example of patient-focused best practice being demonstrated in Chesterfield. PPE can be intimidating and unsettling, so having a reminder of the face behind the mask is a simple and effective way to help ease any anxiety or discomfort it may bring. It would be brilliant to see this concept being rolled across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw”

Dr Sandler added: “It’s had an incredible response, it’s being used from Scotland to Southampton. I can’t thank both Sarah and Sarah Turner-Saint enough for what they’ve done in bringing this to life.”

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