Published on: 31 March 2020

Kelly Marie Harris, 32, from Worksop, wrote a poem to hammer home the importance of isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly wrote this poem with her mother-in-law, Hannah Harris in mind, who has breast cancer.

"I believe family is everything and we should protect the people we love the most. Somethings we have very little control over, but with COVID-19 we can isolate together as a nation and beat this pandemic. Cancer is something I’ve seen destroy people and we do not need anymore suffering," said Kelly.

Below you can listen to Hannah read Kelly's poem or you can read the full text underneath.

The Battle of the C’s
What’s all this worry you say? This thing they call the big C?
It’s something that’s invisible that’s affecting you and me.
Advised to stay isolated amongst the place we call our home,
Do not take this personal, as you are not alone.
Please stay safe indoors as there’s bigger worries for some,
It could be your friend, brother, sister, your child, your father or your mum.
There are people that are already suffering or battling to survive,
People fighting cancer this could potentially shorten their lives.
You could pass them on to another that's immune system has become weak,
Their chemo could have been delayed whilst this virus is at it's peak.
One in two people will have a cancer diagnosis throughout their life time, the statistics are very high.
No one can prevent it no matter how hard they try.
So next time you go out shopping and decide to call at your friend's for a brew,
Remember the germs that you have picked up don’t just belong to you.
The battles you face today you may not face tomorrow,
Cancer battles are hard and often end in sorrow. 
Please stay indoors and isolate to help keep the country safe,
As now it’s become so scary it’s not about being brave.
It’s about buying time for our loved ones, for the people that are battling the other big C.
The one that has been around for ever that could effect both you and me.
Please share in memory or support of someone battling or has battled cancer,
To encourage people to isolate as this is the only answer.

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