Published on: 3 May 2024

Individuals across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw are being advised to consult their GP if they detect any unusual symptoms that could be an early sign of cancer.

Following the successful launch of the 'Peace of Mind' campaign by the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance, aimed at encouraging people to seek ‘Peace of Mind’ by getting themselves checked out without delay, the focus now shifts towards symptoms associated with womb cancer.

Womb cancer, sometimes called endometrial or uterine cancer, is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, with around 9,700 new cases diagnosed each year. It is most common in women who have been through menopause, but anyone with a womb can get womb cancer. Despite its prevalence, womb cancer is often diagnosed at a late stage.

Dr Steph Edgar, Clinical Lead for the Alliance, emphasised the importance of recognising symptoms and seeking prompt medical advice. "We want to ensure that women are empowered with knowledge about womb cancer symptoms and are encouraged to consult their GP if they notice anything unusual," she said.

The main signs and symptoms of womb cancer include bleeding or spotting from the vagina after the menopause, heavy periods or bleeding between periods, and a change to vaginal discharge. Other symptoms of womb cancer can include a lump or swelling in your tummy or between your hip bones (pelvis), pain in your lower back or between your hip bones (pelvis), pain during sex, and blood in your pee. Many women may dismiss these symptoms or attribute them to other causes, leading to delays in diagnosis.

Through targeted messaging across various platforms, including social media, radio adverts, and informational videos, the 'Peace of Mind' campaign aims to educate communities about the importance of early detection and the steps to take if symptoms are present.

"We understand the concerns and fears surrounding a potential cancer diagnosis, but early action can make a significant difference in treatment outcomes," Dr Edgar added. "By focusing on womb cancer in this phase of our campaign, we hope to encourage women to prioritise their health and seek medical advice without hesitation."

The 'Peace of Mind' campaign aligns with the broader mission of the Cancer Alliance to improve cancer outcomes and reduce health inequalities across the region. By fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals, community organisations, and individuals, the Alliance strives to promote proactive health management and early intervention.

For more information about the 'Peace of Mind' campaign and womb cancer symptoms, visit the campaign website