Published on: 24 February 2021

The ‘C The Signs’ clinical support tool will be used to help identify cancer as early as possible, the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS Cancer Alliance has confirmed.

The tool will use the latest National, regional, and local guidelines to support healthcare professionals to identify patients at risk of cancer and advise on the most appropriate route of care based on services available locally.

Unlike other conditions, there is no single symptom of cancer that can alert clinicians to a potential diagnosis. Cancer is a collection of over 200 different diseases, each with their own signs, symptoms and risk factors, the earliest of which are often vague and overlap with other, less sinister, conditions.

Dr Louise Merriman, Primary Care Lead for the SYB ICS Cancer Alliance, said: “Our healthcare professionals across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw do a fantastic job but having this tool in place will support their decisions and help reduce the risk of cancer going undetected. We ultimately hope it can help save lives and will ensure everyone gets the most appropriate care as fast as possible”. 

C the Signs is designed using algorithms to assist with the natural decision-making process of doctors, translating complex research into a simple and intuitive journey.

C the Signs covers the entire spectrum of cancer to support clinicians to identifying what cancer or cancers a patient is at risk of, as well as the most appropriate next step for the patient; whether a test, investigation or urgent referral.

The implementation of the tool is planned to begin in late April or early May.

You can learn more about the tool here. If you have any questions, please email:

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