Published on: 23 March 2020

If you are living with or have been previously affected by cancer and have questions about COVID-19, please view this cancer charity support line Q&A document. Amongst other question topics it covers queries about treatment, symptoms and caring for loved ones.

Our Statement

In response to the COVID-19 situation we are working with our partner organisations to review the way we are working in order to be as flexible and adaptive as possible in this fast-paced situation. Cancer care and services continue to be our top priority.

We will be working through the formal established processes to issue any cancer specific clinical guidance. Our website and social media platforms will be used to provide more general information and messages about the situation and impact on our cancer services.

We are encouraging everyone to follow national guidance. You can access the most up-to-date information from the following sources: Advice for clinicians on the coronavirus is here. If you are a member of the public looking for health advice, go to the NHS website.

Cancer support services' response to the COVID emergency

This document lists the full responses across all support services in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. Read it here.

It details the place, the organisation and the individual and lists what they are doing in response to the pandemic.

The document was last updated on: 02 April 2020

IASC Briefing on Mental Health Aspects of COVID-19

The IASC Briefing note on addressing mental health and psychosocial aspects of COVID-19 Outbreak- Version 1.1 can be found here.

This briefing note summarises key mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) considerations in relation to the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The brief was
last updated February 2020.

For up to date information click the following web addresses:
or visit local and/or state public health agencies.


FACE COVID is a set of practical steps by Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap for responding effectively to the Corona crisis. You can read it here. FACE COVID uses the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Here’s a quick summary of the key steps:

F = Focus on what’s in your control
A = Acknowledge your thoughts & feelings
C = Come back into your body
E = Engage in what you’re doing
C = Committed action
O = Opening up
V = Values
I = Identify resources
D = Disinfect & distance

Advice for Sustaining Wellbeing in Critical Care During and Beyond COVID-19

The Intensive Care Society's Advice for Sustaining Wellbeing in Critical Care During and Beyond COVID-19 is a useful table outlining the anticpated needs of staff across different phases and recommended approaches. You can read it here.

It also includes bulletpointed advice on dealing with stress and the strain COVID-19 will likely cause on mental health. 

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