Published on: 7 July 2021

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS (SYB ICS) Cancer Alliance have launched the Do It For Yourself (DIFY) Campaign throughout neighbourhoods in Barnsley and Rotherham to ​raise awareness of lung cancer symptoms following  a reduction of people coming forward during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The DIFY campaign advertises the importance of reacting to lung cancer symptoms, at bus stops and buses, ​roadside ads, and on pharmacy bags, as well as a host of other media channels including local radio.

The campaign, ​in partnership with MSD is a response to the fall in lung cancer referrals due to the Covid-19 pandemic ​and follows successful campaigns already run across the Greater Manchester and Northern Cancer Alliances.

​In our region, we are focusing on two areas, ​Barnsley and Rotherham, ​where data tells us that interventions are most needed; smoking rates and deprivation are higher and referrals have been lower over the last few months. 

The campaign underlines the importance of early diagnosis, and the role men and women can play to increase their chances of survival, with the important message that "not every cough is a Covid cough."

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