Published on: 2 July 2020

To support the 'Open for Business campaign' we have produced a third film to specifically help combat the safety fears of attending your GP practice or hospital appointment. 

Despite lockdown restrictions easing, it is clear many people remain worried about accessing healthcare when they need it. 

All health care staff (including cancer care staff) across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw are eager to remind everyone that their services continue despite a few changes. 

To help put you at ease about the fears that come with attending an appointment during this pandemic we have produced this video which help explain some changes you might find. 

The video below details the precautions put in place at every stage of your possible cancer care journey. This includes: how your GP appointment may have changed, how entering the practice has changed, and how your hospital appointments may have changed. This is to help ease any worries and encourage everyone in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to continuing seeking healthcare when it is needed.

The video also includes a small tour of the Springs Healthcare Centre in Clowne which shows visually some of the precautions now in place. 

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