Published on: 4 May 2019

Public Health England released their campaign called ‘Cervical Screening Saves Lives’ on 5 March. The aim of this campaign is to encourage women to attend their cervical smear screening as attendance is at a 20 year low.

Around 2,600 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in England each year, and around 690 women die from the disease; that’s two deaths every day. The new Public Health England campaign provides practical information about how to make the test more comfortable, and gives reassurance to women, who may be fearful of finding out they have cancer, that screening is not a test for cancer.

The SYBND Cancer Alliance Director, Julia Jessop, said: “Over 80% of cervical cancer cases are preventable; we need to raise awareness of that fact and also raise awareness of the importance of cervical cancer screening. This PHE campaign is a great start and I would urge every woman to go to their cervical cancer screening test”.